Cafe Syracuse

Branding and website for a coffee shop in Syracuse, New York.

Project Overview

This one is just a passion project. I can't speak for all creatives, but for some reason I have this hunch that we all secretly want to brand a local coffee shop. Maybe it's because we spend so much time in them, maybe it's because we do some of our best thinking in coffee shops, or at least while we're drinking coffee. This project is a reflection of two things that are near and dear to my heart; coffee and food.

From the Brief

Since this is a project that I gave myself there isn't a brief per se. I wanted to create a brand for a coffee shop that I wouldn't be able to resist walking into. I also needed a differentiator; Syracuse, even by name is largely Italian in influence, but lacks a cafe that owns Italian I made one.

Sevices: branding, tone & voice, packaging, website.

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