Freshcoat Painters

Repositioning a national painting franchise.

Project Overview

Freshcoat saw potential growth in its residential painting service offering. They also acknowledged that millennials were the growing demographic of homeowners, and needed a refreshed brand & website that appealed to them.

Services: brand identity, tone & voice, website
Contributors: Jonathan Schoeck, Andrew Scott, Aiden Guinnep, Abby Dye

From the Brief

Freshcoat wanted their brand direction to be playful and premium. They also needed to add brand architecture because talking to their residential vs commercial audiences was much different. Acknowledging that millennial were their growing audience opened the opportunity for an easy to use website that communicated Freshcoat was the right choice for residential painting services.

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Freshcoat rebrand process

for rebrands we still conduct an exhaustive brand sprint where we learn audiences, values, goals, etc, but equally as useful is conducting a competitor's audit. We use our best judgement to pinpoint competitor's brand attributes, and then ask the client where they currently fall on brand attributes, then more importantly where they wish to fall.

Moodboards with logos

We present moodboards and logos in sequential order with each moodboard and logo being a further departure from the current brand in hopes of moving the brand toward where we have identified the brand aspires to be.

Logo Process

This process was rather brief, as the client was thrilled with the logo that was presented in the moodboard. The logo needed some kerning and fine tuning however, this logo process was a lighter lift than usual.

Comparing them against the audited competitors.

We then quickly compared the new logo against the audited competitor's to see if the logo stood up against them.

Fina outcome

The final outcome was a logo that the client believed moved their brand positioning/attributes to the desired areas we identified. The brand was also much more scalable and built so endure a digital age.