Branding & website design

Service Empowerment Advocacy

What is service empowerment advocacy

Service Empowerment Advocacy (SEA) is a not-for-profit startup with the purpose of providing accessible care services to underserved children in the South Carolina area. These services include mental health, education , and dental care. I have been fortunate enough to be the point person for both their identity and website program.

The brand program

Their brand process started with creating curated mood-boards that we felt would resonate with their perceived audience. After, I developed identity options based on the finalized mood-board.

pdf proposal for branding & moodboard

The website

The first key visual we created after the logo was their website. We used the same mood-board for their logo and their website visuals. While creating the website it was easy to establish logo use, brand colors, and brand typefaces that would lend themselves to SEA's visual language.

pdf proposal for website

What's next?

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