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TempEdit Outfacing Product CMS

What is tempedit?

TempEdit is the out-facing content management system that the  Regional Information Center offers to clients within their website service. TempEdit is a full control solution for clients to add and manage webpages, news stories, users and more at their own convenience. All of these user made changes update to the homepage and/or other areas of interest.

Marketing related services in-application

TempEdit also functions as the content management system for other core Regional Information Center services. Prior to the redesign, these features were completely out of sight to users unless they were already purchased. As a marketing initiative, I pushed for these features to be in sight but disabled to increase product awareness. I also created  informative product highlight pages that showcase what they do.

launching tempedit

Launching a product with thousands of users calls for the need to have  a launch strategy and training materials. An informational marketing piece was sent to our clients, and potentials to inform them of the new feature-packed update, cover what is included in the TempEdit service, and to direct them to training materials if needed.

What's next?

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