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Evervibe Cannabis

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The first step of any project/relationship.

Key Takeaways

It was important for Canna Select to land in the correct competitive landscape. As we mapped out their competitors it was easy to place them into medicinal, health & wellbeing, or recreational use buckets. We knew Canna Select wanted to be a recreational product, and we knew they were very fond of the "Cookies" brand. Early on we acknowledged that if we could have Canna Select look and feel like a lifestyle brand we would be moving in a good direction.
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...if you thought art and design were subjective, than let me tell you about naming for clients.

I started integrating mind mapping into our naming process. Our mind maps would start with key words/ideas from our brand sprint and would expand by flipping through countless thesaurus pages to exhaust synonyms, and related words. Client's appreciate seeing this train of thought behind this part of our process. While naming Canna Select, one of the largest hurdles was creating a name that was appealing, but more importantly not already taken. This is a highly saturated space, and almost every single name had been claimed in some capacity...seriously. We landed on a name that spoke to the experience users get from the product that also encapsulated the idea of space and time.
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Establishing our north star for look and feel.

You can see here as we narrowed onto a name, that we were able to start pairing these names with looks & feels. The chosen name was "evervibe", and our initial idea of making the company feel like a lifestyle brand was preserved with by tapping in to a graffiti-esque feel.
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Logo Concepting

The most funnest part of the whole thingy.

Our logo exploration went far and wide, this exploration felt like a very successful inspiration pull from the selected moodboard-as you can see some graffiti marks, thin line work and an even further call-back to the feeling of space, time and ambiguous as that is.
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Refining the selected concept

Cause you need to make sure it's the right one before you start rolling it out.

The selected concept was actually my initial go at making something that felt like a boombox. I was thinking of things that were synonymous with early graffiti culture and had always thought the old over-the-shoulder boomboxes were fun, cool, and tied into the lifestyle feel. This was one of the rare instances where a logo concept was unanimous picked on round 1...the deciding group was only 4 people, but this was a huge victory nonetheless.
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Some custom letters and spacing

These small details can make the world of difference

Next we had a typeface exploration, and we found the perfect one...except that the letter "r" felt awkward next to the almost all circular letters in the name. Typically the letter "r" is a really dreadful letter to customize, but this one was a direct pull from the logo and tied everything together. *spoiler alert, they backed out of this custom lettering-right before their packaging went to press, but I really enjoyed it...
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Some Ai Artwork

what the...

On the rise of all creatives loosing their jobs to artificial intelligence, we took an "if you cant beat 'em, join 'em" approach and joined the evil forces over at MidJourney Ai to create some fun, and approachable graffiti-esque packaging artwork. But honestly, this was so budget friendly, and produced some incredible results, in no time.
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Final Outcome

“It's the not the destination, It's the journey.” ™

-Cris Moore

Actual quote by Ralph Emerson
The final outcome was a full brand, that was ready to go to market. The logo feels very appropriate while also feeling new to the space. The packing was budget friendly, and stood out against it's many competitors. Due to regulations, cannabis packaging is not allowed to have pictures of actual fruit, so we were very selective about our color palette, so each character spoke to the flavors.

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