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The first step of any project/relationship.

Key Takeaways

In addition to our normal exercises that we conduct for a brand sprint, I asked for a list of Freshcoat's competitors so that I could conduct brand positioning for each of them. This was a helpful exercise since Freshcoat was looking for a rebrand and brand expansion, knew their competition, and therefore could be aware of their surroundings.
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Establishing our north star for look and feel.

Our next step was moodboards and logos. This isn't something we typically do in tandem, but as we were developing moodboards that were respectful of the existing Freshcoat brand it was hard to make them feel noticeably different. Pairing logo concepts with the moodboards helped bring one another to life while also speeding up the process.
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Old vs. New

Did we achieve our goals?

As we look at the current brand positioning and where Freshcoat aspired to be, this one creates the rare feeling that we may have done everything right. The new Freshcoat certainly appeals to thier growing audience of millennial homeowners, by being young, innovative, and playful.
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The competitors

what do we look like against our competition.

The freshcoat logo really stood out against its competitors while still playing into norms of the industry. Half of their competition used a paint brush, but ours was integrated in a more own-able and clever way. Half of their competition used the color red, but ours was unapologetically red. It was a bold makeover, that positioned Freshcoat where they wanted to be.
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The Freshcoat website

With their growing target audience being millennials, a clean and functional website only made sense.

This is the first time we started putting the new brand to work. We had a new logo and a primary color, but the rest was up to us to figure out via the website homepage. The selected homepage concept would define all of our other brand assets, so we did our due diligence and took our time with these.
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Final Outcome

“It's the not the destination, It's the journey.” ™

-Cris Moore

Actual quote by Ralph Emerson
A modern and highly scalable logo with a website to match.

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