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Golisano Institute

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The first step of any project/relationship.

Key Takeaways

Tom Golisano is a household name in the Rochester area, his name instills trust and has reach. Even so it is a huge commitment to sign up for an institute, particularly one that is opening for its first year ever. The tone and look of this school was particularly important; we needed to be appealing to a very vague audience, and also appear extremely legitimate for people in our audience that may be skeptical. We were creating for something so new that our audience was unknown, and we were marketing an in-person school that did not yet have a physical campus.
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Establishing our north star for look and feel.

With the information from the brand sprint, we were able to get started on moodboarding. You can see that most of the found objects in our moodboard options are highly type forward since the campus did not yet exist, and there was a need to strike an established feel, as if the institute had already been around for some time.
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Logo Responsiveness

Optimizing the existing logo for small spaces.

One of the first pain points of the existing Golisano Institute branding was that the logo was very type heavy. We wanted to address this early on so that as we started creating deliverables such as campaigns and webpages we had solid assets to move forward with.
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Expanding the Brand

Although we did not create the original word mark, we did create the rest of the brand assets.

One of the primary reasons Golisano Institute came to us was to expand on their current brand. When we began this project, Golisano Institute had a primary logo and the color blue. It was up to us to come up with all other brand assets, that they would need moving forward. We introduced an expanded color palette, typography, a pattern style, icons, a brand voice and more.
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Applying the Brand

Our first deliverable was the Golisano Institute website.

Although we created spec-work while in the brand expansion phase, our first real deliverable was the Golisano Website. For all intents and purposes, this is the first time we were seeing all of the expanded assets working together on a large scale we went far and wide. We presented many homepage mockups that interpreted the brand assets in unique ways. From there we were able to use the selected homepage as the key visual to create all the secondary and tertiary pages.
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Golisano Institute's first campaign.

With the goal to drive up website traffic

We now needed a campaign to start driving traffic to the new website. We created a :30 Youtube/OTT awareness spot that showed our art direction working in full swing.
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Final Outcome

“It's the not the destination, It's the journey.” ™

-Cris Moore

Actual quote by Ralph Emerson
A inventore velit dignissimos quidem sit. Ex illo eius similique. Labore veniam ut se

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